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Course: ManagementPRO Academy

Available: 8 - 1/2 Day Workshops

The ManagementPRO Academy is our most

comprehensive, in-depth training program. 

This training focuses on the 8 fundamental skills

necessary for any leader  to be successful.  

Courses Include:

  • Leadership

  • Communication

  • Team Building

  • Employee Coaching

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Conducting Meetings

  • Decision Making

  • Time Management


Course: Leadership

Available: 1/2 Day Workshop

Just because you hold a badge of authority does not mean you can wear the crown of leadership.  A manager's ability to lead will determine the success of any organization.  Participants in this workshop will gain a fundamental understanding of what leadership is and how to have a positive influence on those they lead.


Topics Include:

  • Defining Leadership
  • The 4 Phases of Leadership Competency
  • The 4 Levels of Leadership Influence
  • The 3 Modes of Leadership Influence
  • And more…

Course: Effective Communication

Available: 1/2 Day Workshop

The ability to communicate with others is a major determining factor in reaching your full potential. It’s no secret! Effective communication is a skill you can learn and apply in your personal, professional, and family relationships- and you can start now by taking this course!


Topics Include:

  • Finding common ground.

  • Keeping your communication simple.

  • Capturing people's interest.

  • Becoming a DISC communicator.

  • And more.

Course: Team Building

Available: 1/2 Day Workshop

Success in business today is dependent on the performance of the teams within your organization.  High performance teams can change the culture, increase morale and ultimately effect the bottom line profits.


Topics Include:

  • The 10 characteristics of a high performance team.

  • Identify the 4 phases of team building.

  • How to create team synergy.

  • Identify team strengths and improve them.

  • And more.

Course: Employee Coaching

Available: 1/2 Day Workshop

Coaching employees to perform at the highest levels will determine your success as a leader.  In this workshop we will give you the platform to effectively coach your team.

Topics Include:

  • Identifying the common coaching myths.

  • Understanding the benefits to coaching.

  • The Empowerment Coaching Model.

  • Evaluating the metrics that improve performance.

  • And more...

  • Course: Conflict Resolution

    Available: 1/2 Day Workshop

    Workplace conflict is a serious issue for any organization.  If not handled properly, you risk damaging relationships, lowering morale, and possibly even losing quality employees.  Equip you leadership team with this conflict resolution workshop.


    Topics Include:

    • Why conflict exist.
    • The 3 typyes of workplace conflict.
    • Understanding conflict managment styles.
    • The 10 steps to effective conflict resolution.
    • And more.

    Course: Conducting Meetings

    Available: 1/2 Day Workshop

    Why do we hate going to meetings?  Probably because most of them are a waste of time.  Managers are never taught how to effectively conduct a meeting where attendees feel like the time spent was worth it.  In this workshop you will learn how to lead an effective meeting where objectives get accomplished.


    Topics Include:

    • The 10 Principles of Effective Meetings
    • The 4 Phases of Conducting Meetings
    • Creating an Effective Agenda
    • Dealing with Distractions
    • And more.

    Course: Decision Making

    Available: 1/2 Day Workshop

    Success in management boils down to making the right decision in a timely manner.  In this workshop you will learn how to gain the confidence of your team by becoming and effective decision maker.

    Topics Include:

    • The Decision Making Styles
    • Decision Making Barriers
    • The "7-C" Decision Making Process
    • And more…

    Course: Time Management

    Available: 1/2 Day Workshop

    In today's business environment, leaders are asked to get more done in less time.  With all the demands put on us, being able to effectively invest our time will determine our long-term success. 

    Topics Include:

  • Obstacles to time management.

  • The time management matrix.

  • The power of prioritizing.

  • Overcoming procrastination.

  • And more...

  • Course: The e5 Method - How to Build a Winning Team

    Available: 1/2 Day Workshop | 1 Day Workshop | Keynote

    As leaders, our greatest challenge comes in the building of a team.  This course goes into an in-depth look at the 5 phases to leading a winning team.


    Topics Include:

    • How to attract and hire the right candidate
    • How to train your team for success.
    • How to coach your team to victory.
    • How to create a culture of accountability.
    • How to elevate your team's productivity.
    • And more.

    John Maxwell Leadership Training

    Available: 1/2 Day Workshops

    As a Certified Coach, Trainer & Speaker with the John Maxwell Team; we offer the following leadership training courses based on John's best-selling books.


    JMT Courses:

    • Becoming a Person of Influence

    • How to be a REAL Success

    • Everyone Communicates, Few Connect

    • The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth

    • Leadership Gold

    Course: SalesPRO Academy

    Available: 1/2 Day Workshops

    With 20+ years of sales and sales management experience, let Bryan empower your sales team to the next level with the Sales PRO Academy.  During this comprehensive sales training your team will learn how to:


    ​Create a PRO mindset

    Communicate to connect

    Discover buying motives

    ​Deliver a "World Class" presentation

    Overcome objections

    Negotiate a Win-Win

    Close the deal

    Turn a client into an advocate

    And much more...

    Empower your team to greater heights with the Sales PRO workshop.

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